MediEagle Healthcare Services

MediEagle Healthcare is dedicated to provide quality medical facilities in pre-hospital, hospital and post hospital setting in emergency and non-emergency conditions Uses highest level of care. Consistent in clinical needs of the patients. Also provides (bed-side to bed-side) cost effective & safe medical transportation & Support to the critically MediEagle Healthcare is also a professionally run medical assistance company staffed by qualified & experienced professionals.

The main area of work is to provide an inter facility transportation on road & air ambulances. Ground ambulances are primarily in used to transport critically ill patients with in India Border and Air ambulances are primarily use to transport critically ill patients all over world. We are also engaged in training Nurses and Doctors in the area of emergency medical care, standard condition for CPR. ICU Procedures, and safe methods of medical transportation.

All this comes to us naturally, because we are practically doing this everyday

We would like to maintain here that inter facility transportation after requires unique set of skills, distinct from the traditional training. It is essential that personnel utilized to provide inter facility transports be properly trained, familiar with the unique demands of providing care during ground or air transport and be prepared to handle the variety of unforeseen contingencies of patients that may arise during transportation.

We provide the fastest and the most effective ambulance services. Medieagle Healthcare Services with its specially trained emergency services personnel and physiciar intensive care experienced anesthetis technician and nurses including ambulance equipped with intensive care un capabilities of emergency Care which are comparable to international standards, reach patients in the shortest possible time.

What we have :

  • 24x7 Hours Availibility
  • Doorstep Medical Service
  • Experienced Medical Staff
  • Home Nursing Care
  • 24x7 Doctor for Visits.