MediEagle Healthcare - Basic and Advance Life Saving road Ambulance Service in Lucknow.

Road Ambulance

We Provide Basic and Advance life saving road ambulances. The applicate d choicehighlighted below in brief.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Ambulanc li nsportation These ambules are best suited for
  • Non-emerge patient transport
  • Transportation to local hospitals for Radiology and Radiation appointments
  • Hospital discharges
  • Physiotherapy and Dialysis
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)

    Ambulance Transportation These ambulances are recommended for transportation of: 1. Cardiac Emergencies: Acute Myocardial infarctions, unstable Angina and otherwise stable cardiac patients from one hospital to the other for procedural help/better care to better centers. 2. Critically ill patients: These patients are usually ventilator supported, septicemic, multiorgan failure and on various life support equipments. These patients need to be transported for investigations such as CT scan, MRI scan, va scan, and life saving surgeries to Tertiary care centers or specialized centers.

    Train Ambulance

    MediEagle Healthcare provides Medical escort via rail. The train ambulance is economical option when time is not prevailing concern, the patients conditions requires him/her to be lying down. Patients are accompanied by members of our medical rescue team and travel in AC First Class/2nd AC the medical rescue team provides assistancewith all required equipments with ACLS medications. Train ambulance is cos effective. the transportation of patients depends on Indian railway schedules and seat availibility requires 5 days advance planning through train ambulance patients travels in a relatively (stress free) environment.

    Air Ambulance

    AIR AMBULANCE SERVICES is created with one goal to ensure safe and cost efficient alr transportation of critically ill patients to the best hospital in 'Golden hours' following on accident or a stroke. Talented & experienced doctors & other highly trained medical personnel travel on fully equipped ambulances (aircraft/ helicopters) with the patients being constantly monitored to avoid any further complications Our staff consists of ICCU-ICU trained doctors trained nurses (including Pediatricand Neonatal nurses) & ICCU-ICU trained medicos.

    Doorstep Medical Services

    Door Step Medical Services MediEagle Healthcare provides Doorstep medical services. Offers 24x7 doctor visit, bedside nursing post operative care collection of samples and lab investigation, B. R recording, Injection, Wound care, Dressing. Enema, Catheterization & Physiotherapy, Sleep apneatest, ECG, USG, Nebulization, Ryles tube insertion Emergency Management, Oxygen, Dental care. Ambulance services, Dietician & Nutritionist counseling. Psychiatrist & Psychologist counseling. Pharmacy services (supply of medicines), fuding appointment. Escort patients and hiring wheel chairs, Bi-pap, C-pap, Monitor, Pulseoximeter, Oxygen concentrator, surgical & other equipments.

    Stand by Medical Services

    Stand by Medical Services MediEagle Healthcare provides medically trained and certified staff for on-site pre-hospital medical care. We can provide any level of care from single attendant to full medical team comprising of professional personnelsuch as:

  • Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (Staff nurses)
  • Emergency First Responders (Medical technicians)
  • Unique Services

  • Sight seeing and joy ride for patient with movement disorders
  • Joyrides in ambulances for patients with chronic illnesses
  • We organize visit to banks, place of worship, 200, City Park, and picnic for patients on "wheel chair. These trips can be organized on individual or group basis. Compassionate trained medical staff works on these missions. Wheel chair, friendly ambulances, cars, buses are made available
  • All the above mentioned services are scheduled for the weekends and national holidays only. Confirmation shall be subject to a medical visit by our medical specialist, availability of the vehicle and appropriate staff
  • We provide wheel chair and compassionate staff for marriages and events for helping elderly and wheelchair bound individuals enjoy and participate in ceremonies. Motorized, self driven wheelchair can be organized on prior intimation.